Social Security Disability

How Does Social Security Disability Insurance in Pennsylvania Work?

social security disability in pennsylvania
If you suffer an injury that leaves you disabled, this can be any form of injury even a work injured, and you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.   Generally, SSDI pays benefits only to those who can establish that they have worked a certain amount of time and have regularly paid Social Security taxes. To learn more about the SSDI filing process and eligibility requirements, it is important to talk to a social security disability attorney who can protect your interests.   Eligibility   A person can only receive SSDI benefits after the Social… Read More ››

How To Handle a Condition Not on the Social Security Disability List

  What Do I Do If My Impairment is Not on the SSDI Approved List?   If you have a debilitating condition that prevents you from working, Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) benefits are available. SSDI covers almost every worker in Pennsylvania. It is important to understand the process and, to do that, you are going to need experienced SSDI attorneys like the ones at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo.   The Blue Book   SSDI is administered by the Social Security Administration (“SSA“). Many people know that the SSA maintains a list of diseases, illnesses, and conditions for which SSDI benefits… Read More ››

What Types of Injuries and Illnesses are Covered Under SSDI?

Injuries and Illnesses Covered Under SSDI   There are two federal programs that provide benefits to people with disabilities: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is available to individuals who have enough work experience, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which serves the disabled poor and is based on need. Between 1996 and 2015, the number of working Americans subsisting on federal disability benefits grew rapidly. In spite of this growth, it is actually very difficult to secure both SSDI and SSI. Only about 4 in 10 applications are ultimately approved, and it can take years and many appeals to finally… Read More ››

How Your Diabetes and Social Security Disability Benefits are Related

  SSDI Benefits for People With Diabetes   Obtaining Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) benefits is a complicated and confusing process. As we wrote about not too long ago, it is not as simple as completing an application claiming that you cannot work. It is important to understand the process and, to do that, you are going to need experienced SSDI attorneys like the ones at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo.   SSDI is Available for Diabetes and Related Conditions   Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association (“ADA”), in 2015, 30.3 million Americans, or… Read More ››

Social Security Disability: Most Common Questions

social security disability claim
Trying to proceed through the Social Security process can be overwhelming, and you can be struck with many questions about Social Security Disability Insurance. From concerns about how the claims process works to understanding what type of compensation you are eligible for, there are several things you must know before you can be successful in the social security process.   Fortunately, with the help of an experienced Social Security disability insurance attorney, you can rest assured that you are properly progressing through the claims process.   Do I Need a Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney?   This is often the… Read More ››

Administrative Law Judges in Social Security Disability Benefit Cases

social security disability administrative law judge
Administrative law judges are appointed by the federal government to issue rulings on cases involving statutory law.  In the case of the Social Security Disability Benefit Cases, administrative law judges deliver decisions involving social security disability claims.   Administrative law judges work within the “hearing level” of the social security disability benefits claims process. The judges will typically hear your appeal if your social security claim has been denied. During this process, the judge acts a fresh pair of eyes and will review your case and any new evidence submitted.   What is a Disability Hearing?   After an individual’s… Read More ››

How to Keep Social Security Disability Benefits in a Trial Work Period

social security benefits trail work period
Programs that allow social security disability insurance beneficiaries to return to the workforce without forfeiting their social security benefits do exist. Among these systems are the trial work period, the extended period of eligibility, and the expedited reinstatement.   These programs encourage workers to return to the workforce, as they have a safety net just in case something goes wrong. This system, although not the most cost effective, plays a vital role in replanting injured workers into the American workforce. If you are currently receiving social security disability benefits and you are interested in one of these programs, you should… Read More ››

When Will I Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits in Pennsylvania?

social security disability benefits
Every year roughly 750,000 new Americans are awarded Social Security Disability benefits because they are disabled and unable to work. For many, the receipt of these benefits serves as a lifeline for those in need who are incapable of providing for themselves. Due to the serious nature and necessity of these benefits, the fear of having one’s Social Security benefits revoked or changed can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is vital that anyone who receives Social Security benefits is informed and up to date on the Social Security system and the status of their situation. Most Common Ways Your Benefits can… Read More ››

Are Social Security Disability Benefits for Immigrants Available?

Individuals who reside in the U.S. and are considered aliens, nationals, or noncitizens may be eligible for social security benefits. It is well-known that the United States Social Security Administration offers programs to provide benefits for a disabled United States citizens. However, certain individuals who are not U.S. citizens may also qualify for social security disability benefits. Regardless of your citizenship status, it is important that you contact a social security disability attorney to ensure that your claim is being filed appropriately. Aliens in the United States If an individual resides in the United States and is considered a “qualified… Read More ››

SSD: Can Creditors Take Social Security Benefits?

While the opportunity to receive social security benefits is a major relief to many, a situation in which social security benefits provide just mere sustenance is far too common and never ideal. If given the chance to work and provide for their families, many disabled Americans would certainly jump at the opportunity.   However, this, for the most part, is not possible, and many people are forced to rely on social security checks as a means to survive. With that said, it cannot be overstated just how important the steadfast protection of those benefits is.   There are many instances… Read More ››

Rising Number of Women Need Social Security Disability Assistance

socail security disability assistance
Women in the United States are driving the workforce like never before. According to the United States Department of Labor, women make up 51.7% of the working population. These numbers are projected to rise in the future, as women are more likely to obtain a bachelor degree and higher levels of education than their male counterparts.   Women are also far more likely to be caregivers than males, and this also plays a vital role in the American economy because it enables their partners to remain at their places of employment. This rise of women in the workforce is also… Read More ››

Bipolar Disorder and Social Security Disability

Bipolar Disorder and Social Security Disability
There is a common misconception that bipolar disorder is a rare condition, but this is not the case. The effects of bipolar disorder are widespread, as nearly 5.7 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder annually. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a disorder resulting in mania and depression. This disease is referred to as a psychotic mental disorder, and in certain cases, individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder may be eligible for social security disability benefits.   Social Security Benefits with Bipolar Disorder?   Bipolar disorder can have debilitating effects on an individual. Those who struggle with bipolar… Read More ››