Workers Compensation

Work Injuries: The Dangers of Hoyer Lift Injuries

Work Injury Hoyer Lift Injuries
Although most people associate workplace injuries with the construction industry or other dangerous occupation that require the use of heavy machinery, the reality is that thousands of healthcare employees suffer injuries while on the job every year.   In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nursing has a higher rate of injury than the construction industry. This is in large part because health care workers, who spend a significant amount of their time lifting patients, are especially at risk of sustaining serious back injuries.   In an effort to prevent these types of injuries, many hospitals,… Read More ››

Worker’s Compensation Claim: Insurance Challenges

workers compensation claim form workers compensation insurance challenges
Pennsylvania Worker’ Compensation law requires almost all employers to provide their employees with some type of workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures that employees who are hurt on the job will be able to cover medical expenses and lost wages until they are able to return to work.   Unfortunately, working with an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is not always easy, and many injured employees find themselves facing delayed processing of their claims and unfair denials.   The claims filing process is complicated and dealing with insurers can be frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, retaining an experienced work injury lawyer can… Read More ››

An Injured Worker Needs a Reliable Workers’ Compensation Attorney

workers compensation claim form, work injury
Even when all safety procedures and regulations are followed and enforced, the workplace can be dangerous; especially for those who work in specific occupations or industries.   For instance, construction workers often suffer falls or are involved in accidents with heavy machinery and equipment. Employees who work with hazardous materials are also at risk of suffering from burns and occupational illnesses, while loading dock workers may become injured by falling cargo.   Fortunately, nearly all employees in Pennsylvania are covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act and are eligible to collect benefits to help them get back on their feet.  … Read More ››

Your Rights May be Under Attack by Bill 18 if you were Hurt on the Job

The Politicians Are Attacking Your Right’s   With the current Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, you and all citizens gave up a constitutional right to sue for damages after you are hurt at work. In return, we were guaranteed payment for lost wages and medical expenses.   Workers’ compensation laws were written to take care of workers that are hurt on the job. It does not matter what you did, how you got hurt, or if someone was at fault. The worker’s compensation law applies to all employees and is supposed to be there for everyone.   But right now, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws… Read More ››

Hurt at Work: Workers’ Compensation and Tendonitis of Wrist

hurt at work tendonitis of wrist
Getting hurt at work is undoubtedly debilitating and stressful, this is even truer when the employer and insurance carrier drag their feet and make the whole process much more time consuming and stressful. A situation like this are more likely to occur for certain for some work-related injuries than other, one of such injuries is tendonitis of wrist.   Unfortunately, many Pennsylvania workers develop this condition; it causes pain and swelling in the wrist, which is called tendonitis. Tendonitis of wrist can develop from performing tasks related to doing your job on a day to day basis. Tendonitis is a… Read More ››

Hurt at Work: Workers’ Compensation for a Work-Related Nerve Injury

Unfortunately, painful and debilitating nerve injuries plague thousands of workers across the United States. Nerve damage can be caused by several different factors including repetitive stress or a workplace accident.   Undoubtedly, suffering from a nerve injury can be disruptive to both your lifestyle and ability to make a living. Fortunately, individuals who suffer from nerve damage almost always receive workers’ compensation benefits.   If you are suffering from nerve damage from being hurt at work, it is important that you contact a workers’ compensation attorney. Workers’ compensation insurance companies will work tirelessly to ensure they pay you as little… Read More ››

Pre-Existing Conditions: Do You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

pre-existing conditions workers comp
Pre-existing conditions are a hot topic in the news today. With a new administration, aspects of the Worker’s Comp law and many others things related to pre-existing conditions are in the forefront and subject to change.   This is a core aspect of both the Affordable Care Act and the American Healthcare Act, for which they both have ramifications for the future of workers compensation as well. But can you currently be eligible for Worker’s Compensation if you have a pre-existing condition?   It is common for a worker in Pennsylvania to suffer a work-related injury that is based on… Read More ››

Work Robbery Victim Awarded Workers’ Compensation Benefits

work injury claim workers compensation benefits
In a recent ruling in a Pennsylvania court, a man who was shot while in a vehicle outside of his work is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The claimant, Shah Mahar-Ullah had spotted a woman shoplifting and contacted the police who then arrested her. Later, the woman’s family began threatening Mahar-Ullah and claiming they would retaliate.   Then in the following days, in May 2008, Mahar-Ullah was sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot of the convenience store where he worked when two masked men open fired into his car, striking him multiple times. Mahar-Ullah lost consciousness for… Read More ››

Can I be Fired After Suffering a Work-Related Injury?

you're fired after suffering a work related-injury
After suffering a work-related injury, one of the first questions that comes into many people’s minds is, “Can I be fired?” This is one of those complex situations where the answer is, yes but it depends. This is because each situation is undoubtedly complex and different without a clear-cut answer to this general question.   Depending on your circumstance, there are numerous factors that must be evaluated by the employee and the employer to see if the injured worker may be fired. For anyone in this situation, it is important to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney.   Your employer… Read More ››

2017 Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Average Weekly Wage Benefits

workers compensation average weekly wage
In the state of Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation laws are laid out by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. By law workers who are injured or have aggravated a pre-existing injury are typically entitled to receive compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages.   The length and type of compensation vary on a case by case basis, but it is important to note that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will do everything in its power to pay you as little as possible.   Fortunately, with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney by your side, you will be shielded from the deception… Read More ››

State Differences in Workers’ Compensation Regulation

Due to the state-based design of the workers’ compensation system, benefits and programs vary greatly from state to state. Injured workers who have sustained the same injury at the same time could receive extraordinarily different coverage and benefits solely based on where they reside.   There are horror stories of workers injured in the state of Alabama–known as one of the worst states for workers’ compensation benefits–receiving minimal benefits for the loss of a limb.   Meanwhile, an individual with a similar injury in the neighboring state of Georgia–known as a more generous workers’ compensation benefit state–can receive thousands of… Read More ››

WC: Work Injuries as the Result of Toxic Chemical Exposure

work injuries as the result toxic chemical exposure
Across the United States, many people work on job sites where dealing with toxic chemicals is common. Unfortunately, even when employers provide their employees with adequate safety equipment, accidents still occur, inadvertently exposing employees to very harmful chemicals. However, there are employers who do not grasp the seriousness of seemingly safe chemicals and the detrimental effects they can have with long-term exposure. Fortunately, regardless of how a worker has been exposed to toxic chemicals, the state of Pennsylvania typically provides workers’ compensation benefits for work injuries as the results of toxic chemical exposure. It is important that you act swiftly… Read More ››