Workers Compensation

Should I Retain a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

  Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws are complex, which can make it difficult for an injured employee to file a claim on his or her own. For example, failing to notify an employer of an injury within a certain time frame can result in a claim being permanently barred. Having the advice of a lawyer can help injured employees avoid these types of mistakes, so if you were recently hurt on the job, you should speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can walk you through the filing process and ensure that your rights are protected.   Scaffolding Accidents  … Read More ››

The Ever-changing World of Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a hot topic on lawmaker’s minds recently. It seems like every week news of changes, proposals, and failures coming from government institutions at state and national levels.                                           Just a few weeks ago, we informed you all about House Bill 18.   That bill would have drastically changed the climate of receiving treatment for work injuries. On the surface, the proposal seemed to be about controlling opioids that are prescribed to the victims of workplace accidents. However, buried deep inside the lengthy proposal there was a hidden agenda that would have taken away the rights of injured… Read More ››

Great Gold vs. Great White: Possible Workers’ Compensation Case?

  We’re diving into the open waters of workers’ compensation and taking a bite out of benefits.   *Que the Jaws Theme Song* Discovery Channel’s annual week-long Shark Week begins this Sunday, July 23rd. To kick off the most anticipated week of the year, record-breaking Olympian, Michael Phelps, will be competing against a Great White shark in a 100-meter, open-water race in Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White.   In one of the promotional teasers for the Shark Week special, a narrator states “One trained to be the best since the day he was born. The other has… Read More ››

The Laws Related to Workers’ Compensation Insurers Delaying Claims

Many workers’ compensation insurers are careful to abide by all state rules and regulations and respond to claims properly and on time. Unfortunately, not all insurers are this conscientious and valid workers’ compensation claims are delayed or unfairly denied on a regular basis. In other cases, delays can be attributed to a mistake made by the injured worker or his or her employer during the filing process. In either situation, having the support of a work injury lawyer can be crucial to ensuring that insurers comply with legal deadlines and that claims are filed correctly and on time.   Claimant… Read More ››

Have You Sustained an Injury While Commuting to Work?

Pennsylvania law requires that most employers provide medical benefits and wage replacement for workers who are filing an injury at work claim. Unfortunately, this does not usually extend to injuries sustained during a commute. There are a few exceptions to this general rule, so if you were injured while driving to or from work, you should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can help you file a claim.   The Coming and Going Rule To be covered by workers’ compensation, an employee must have been fulfilling work tasks that are in the course and scope of employment. For this… Read More ››

Workers’ Compensation in Westeros: An Analysis of Hand Injuries

game of thrones season 7
Winter is here. At least in the southern hemisphere and in Westeros, the epic fantasy series written by George R.R. Martin, titled A Song of Ice and Fire, that has been a pop cultural phenomenon in the form of HBO’s Game of Thrones.   The wildfire returns when Game of Thrones airs on HBO as of July 17th of this year and in the spirit of its return that got us thinking about how Workers Compensation might be related to the world of Westeros, the fictional land that Game of Thrones happens in. This is the second part of our… Read More ››

How Would Workers Compensation Work in Westeros?

Game of Throne Worker's Compensation
Winter is here! Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime, and the struggle for the Iron Throne continues, as do the on the job injuries. Winters are a specifically dangerous time for workplace injuries and work-related injuries happen every day, even in Westeros. In honor of Game of Thrones returning this Sunday, July 16th, that got us thinking about the possibilities of workers compensation in Westeros. While many of our favorite characters face unfortunate deaths, some of the surviving characters suffer from different types of on the job injuries that would qualify them for workers’ compensation benefits.   Loss… Read More ››

Workers’ Compensation: Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Rates

workers' compensation rates
Pennsylvania workers who are injured on the job are eligible to receive benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages. However, workers’ compensation rates vary depending on the year, which can make it difficult for injured employees to figure out how much they may be able to collect in benefits. If you were hurt at work, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney who can explain your options.   Workers’ Compensation Rates by State   Although many people are aware that if they are injured on the job, they may be able to receive some form of compensation, most… Read More ››

Workers’ Compensation: Benefits for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel syndrome and workers compensation
As anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome knows, the effects of the nerve-related ailment can be debilitating. In this country, nearly 3% of the population suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain and limited mobility associated with carpal tunnel can make completing everyday tasks exceedingly difficult.   Sadly, Carpal Tunnel is one of the most common workplace-related injuries in Pennsylvania. The good news is that if you are working and are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits!   Understanding Carpal Tunnel   Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by the compression of… Read More ››

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Loss of Limb

workers compensation benefits loss of limb
A serious work-related injury in the can dramatically alter not only your work but also the course of your life. The unfortunate reality is that although you may be very cautious and your employer takes all the proper steps and follows all safety regulations, serious work injuries still. Work injuries in the workplace happen every day. One of the most serious injuries that workers see is a loss of limb injuries.   Fortunately, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law is designed to protect those who have been hurt at work. Workers who experience catastrophic injuries such as disfigurement or the loss… Read More ››

Workers’ Compensation Law: How It Relates to Drugs and Alcohol

workers compensation and drug testing
Most Pennsylvania employers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who are injured on the job. In fact, according to workers’ compensation laws in the state, injured workers can collect benefits regardless of who’s fault the accident was.   There are, however, a few exceptions to this general rule. For instance, if it is discovered that an employee was impaired by or under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance at the time of the accident, employers are permitted to deny the worker’s claim.   Having the advice of an attorney is of particular importance in these… Read More ››

House Bill 18: In-Depth Analysis and Its Effect on Injured Workers

House Bill 18 Workers Compensation Legislation
The news of Rep. Ryan Mackenzie’s (R-Berks/Lehigh) sponsored House Bill 18 being shelved is big news for workers’ compensation insurance companies, employers, and injured workers. As mentioned in last week’s blog, the bill aimed to implement a drug “formulary.” This may seem like a good thing, with the prescription drug and opioid abuse epidemic that is running through the country but the bill aimed to go much deeper than that. It was ultimately an attack on your workers’ compensation rights. As explained by Logan Hullinger of the Morning Call: “The bill would create a preapproved list, or ‘formulary,’ of opioids and… Read More ››