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The results are in and Jason Krasno has been named Lawyer of the Year for 2016!  We can’t say we are surprised.  Jason is one of the most passionate, hardworking and genuinely sincere advocates for injured workers we have ever seen.  We know he is successful because he always puts the client first.  His success is a byproduct of making sure that his clients are taken care of.  When you take the focus off of yourself and put the needs of others first, success will always follow.


When Jason was about to graduate law school, he had an important decision to make.  He had to decide to whether he should accept a non – legal job in Los Angeles or begin working at the firm his grandfather Isadore Krasno founded in 1936, Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo.

“My father is also a lawyer—he joined my grandfather’s firm in 1969—and while he was encouraging about the job in Los Angeles, I remember sitting in my room in law school and thinking about everything he had done for me, and how I couldn’t just walk away from that,” Krasno says.

Initially Krasno handled civil litigation and criminal defense work but soon realized that workers’ compensation was what he truly wanted to focus on. “I really felt like I was helping people more when I was handling workers’ compensation cases; I had grown up with workers’ compensation being discussed at the dinner table, but it wasn’t until I was representing injured workers myself that I realized how meaningful the work could be.”

“To this day, we have held true to our original mission of advocating for injured workers and treating all of our clients like family.” – Jason Krasno 

Since joining the Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo, Jason has managed to successfully grow the firm from six lawyers and 3 offices to 16 attorneys and 11 locations.  “Over the past decade we have opened a new office at least every other year, and none of these locations have failed because we’ve employed different strategies to make sure our growth is always in a smart fashion.”

One of the main reasons the firm does so well is due to the fact that they treat every client as members of the Krasno family.  They make sure their clients know they care and that they are not just another number.  No matter how busy Krasno gets, he is sure to return each and every message himself.  He says that his grandfather was the type of guy who knew everyone’s name, his father adopted the same habits and now Jason continues to make this a part of his everyday routine.

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