Why Mental Illnesses Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 25, 2017 | Workers Compensation

Can Workers’ Compensation Cover Mental Illness?   The extreme conditions under which first responders work take a toll not only on their bodies, but also sometimes on their minds. Underlying mental health issues related to traumatic stress tends to be an issue in the first responder community, and many have lost their lives to suicide in the last few months as a result. Sadly, many also resist seeking healthcare due to a lack of understanding of the connection between mental health care and mental illness, as well as the significant stigmatization associated with seeking help.   Vermont fortunately took one… Read More ››

How Your Diabetes and Social Security Disability Benefits are Related

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 23, 2017 | Social Security Disability

  SSDI Benefits for People With Diabetes   Obtaining Social Security Disability (“SSDI”) benefits is a complicated and confusing process. As we wrote about not too long ago, it is not as simple as completing an application claiming that you cannot work. It is important to understand the process and, to do that, you are going to need experienced SSDI attorneys like the ones at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo.   SSDI is Available for Diabetes and Related Conditions   Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association (“ADA”), in 2015, 30.3 million Americans, or… Read More ››

Workplace Back Injuries Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 21, 2017 | Workers Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation for Back Injuries   According to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), “[b]ack disorders are one of the leading causes of disability for people in their working years and afflict over 600,000 employees each year with a cost of about $50 billion annually …” See OSHA Technical Manual.   If you are hurt at work and have suffered a back injury, or if you have suffered any injury at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under Pennsylvania law. Act quickly since the deadline to notify your employer is usually only… Read More ››

Carpal Tunnel is Covered Under Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 18, 2017 | Workers Compensation

What is Carpal Tunnel? According to the Mayo Clinic, a world-famous royal-standard medical facility, carpal tunnel syndrome (“CTS”) is “a condition that causes numbness, tingling and other symptoms in the hand and arm … caused by a compressed nerve in the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist.”   The nerve at issue is the “median nerve.” As WebMD explains, “The median nerve and several tendons run from your forearm to your hand through a small space in your wrist called the carpal tunnel. The median nerve controls movement and feeling in your thumb and… Read More ››

How On-The-Job Burns Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 16, 2017 | Workers Compensation

  Workers’ Compensation for Burns, Scars, or Disfigurement Burns are one of the most painful and disfiguring types of injuries that an employee can sustain. For this reason, it is especially critical for employees who sustain burns on the job to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney who can ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve. If you live in Pennsylvania and suffered serious burns when you were hurt at work, please contact a member of our workers’ compensation legal team who can ensure that your rights are protected.   Types of Burns Serious burns occur at a much… Read More ››

Workers’ Compensation For Wrist Injuries Sustained On The Job

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 14, 2017 | Workers Compensation

On the Job Wrist Injuries Wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries reported by workers who are hurt on the job. Their prevalence is in large part due to the fact that employees fulfilling a wide range of duties can sustain this type of injury. For instance, an office worker could suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome after years of using a keyboard, while a warehouse worker could injure his or her wrist while lifting a heavy piece of cargo.   Fortunately, whether an injury was sustained in an office setting, on a loading dock, or during a car… Read More ››

Back Injury On The Job? You May Be Entitled To Workers’ Compensation

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 11, 2017 | Workers Compensation

You May Be Entitled to Workers’ Compensation for a Back Injury   Back pain is one of the most common symptoms reported by employees who are hurt at work. Whether the pain is the result of an injury sustained while lifting a heavy object or from slipping and falling while on the job, Pennsylvania law allows the injured employee to collect workers’ compensation for his or her losses.   However, before an injured employee who was hurt on the job can collect compensation for medical bills and lost wages, he or she will have to file a claim with the… Read More ››

How To File a Workers’ Compensation Claim For a Hoyer Lift Injury

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 9, 2017 | Workers Compensation

  Workers’ Compensation For a Hoyer Lift Injury   Medical professionals are often required to move patients from their wheelchairs to their beds and vice versa. Unfortunately, even those who are properly trained to reposition and transfer patients can sustain serious injuries after years of making these types of repetitive movements. To help relieve nursing assistants and other medical professionals of some of these burdens, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities have begun using Hoyer Lifts to help move, lift, and reposition patients. Although these types of lifts have helped prevent thousands of injuries, they can and do put many… Read More ››

The Importance of Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Quickly

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 7, 2017 | Workers Compensation

The Importance of Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Quickly   In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania, injured workers must file a claim within a specific time period and comply with all of the state’s filing requirements. Failing to follow these rules can lead to a workers’ compensation claim being denied, so if you were hurt at work, you should contact a highly trained worker’s compensation attorney to help you!   How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?   When employees are hurt on the job, they are required to notify their employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation… Read More ››

Five Common Work-Related Injuries for Workers’ Compensation

By Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo | Aug 4, 2017 | Workers Compensation

  Five Common Types of Work-Related Injuries for Workers’ Compensation   Workplace injuries occur at an alarming rate in Pennsylvania and range from minor strains and sprains to devastating spinal cord damage or head trauma. Regardless of the injury severity, employees can collect benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation program.   Unfortunately, filing a claim for benefits is notoriously difficult, so if you were hurt on the job, it is crucial to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can ensure that you submit the necessary paperwork and supporting documentation by the appropriate deadlines.   Musculoskeletal Disorders   According… Read More ››

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